Fiber Optic Vet

Our Story

FiberOpticVet provides minimally invasive veterinary surgical techniques, and is a companion suite of Veterinary Surgical Centers of the Delta (VSCD), which was founded by Dr. John J. Haburjak in 2004 to provide specialty and mobile surgical services to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. FiberOpticVet was created in response to Dr. Haburjak's professional interest in minimally invasive veterinary surgical techniques and procedures, and facilitated by advances in minimally invasive surgical techniques in the human medical field. We take pride in being among the frontrunners in developing the expertise to adapt these techniques and procedures to the veterinary field so we are able to provide the best patient care possible in the industry.

Just like our flagship venture, FiberOpticVet is committed to a very personal, service-oriented, highly-technical veterinary surgical model. We will continue our tradition and reputation of exceeding the expectations of pet owners and the family veterinarians entrusting their referrals to us.

Our Mission

We are a dedicated, professional, and compassionate team of veterinary surgeons who partner with family veterinarians and other veterinary specialists in 24-hour care facilities to bring unparalleled veterinary surgical services to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Values

  • We believe in the dignity and value that animals add to our lives.
  • We believe in upholding the unique and cherished bond between pet owners and their family veterinarian.
  • We believe that both family veterinarians and pet owners should be able to meet us face-to-face before allowing their pet to have surgery with our surgeons.
  • We would want these same values for ourselves, for our own pets…and for those pets in our care.
  • We will honor an opportunity to share this service with you.

Our Operating Principles

  • We partner with VetCare (Dublin, CA) and PETS Referral Center/Veterinary Surgical Centers - Berkeley (Berkeley, CA).
  • We will expand our surgical centers to meet the veterinary surgical needs in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • We help our pet owners and referring veterinarians make well informed decisions by providing thorough diagnostics, education and innovative surgical solutions.
  • We provide proactive, timely, and accurate communication to the clients we serve.
  • Partnerships and Referring Veterinarians

    FiberOpticVet operates out of two fixed facilities serving the SF Bay area. We are co-tenants and proud partners with PETS Referral Center in Berkeley, and VetCare Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Care Center in Dublin. These partnerships allow us to provide 24-hour doctor care and a multi-disciplinary team approach, which has driven our success.

    In the many years that we have been providing advanced surgical services to the Bay Area we have earned a reputation for honesty, integrity, excellent patient care, and outstanding support to you and your veterinarian before, during, and after surgery, and throughout the recovery process. Furthermore, we recognize the vital role that family veterinarians and their staff play in ensuring the best possible outcome for patients requiring surgical interventions. Because your personal veterinarian is such a vital part of the patient care process, we partner with them, providing timely phone updates and comprehensive written reports following diagnosis and treatment.

    Who is VSCD

    VSCD represents a group of committed veterinary surgeons and a team of highly trained veterinary technicians and assistants whose passion for healing is unmatched. Utilizing some of the newest, safest and proven techniques available in veterinary surgery today our goal is to be an integral part of your pet’s journey from treatment room to operating room and back to the park, hiking trail or catnip can.

    We believe our expertise and training extends beyond the operating room, and into the daily living environment of each of our patients. We believe that it is an honor and a gift to heal the sick and injured members of your ‘family’ and we will strive to exceed your expectations. Along with family veterinarians we would like to be advocates and assets to your pet as he or she once again rehabilitate back to any and all pre-injury activities. We are here to serve you!

    Come. Sit. Stay. Heal.

    Our High Tech, High Touch methodology sets us apart from others.